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The Next Steps in My Academic Path

June 7, 2021

Okay, so I’ve thought a lot about this.  I’m doing a career research summary of all the medical careers I want.   So, I’m focusing on taking English 1A this fall at San Francisco City College because since talking with my counselor, I have been told this is what I need to do having passed my English classes at Foothill with a C thanks to no plus minus grading that we student government types passed back in the day, thus making things easier on ourselves. I also learned that Foothill-DeAnza is on quarters while every other school in the Bay Area is semester oriented.  Isn’t that just fascinating and frustrating at the same time.  Fall Semester is longer at other schools.

 For me it is one class at a time, one day at a time.  I cannot go back to school to have my life fall apart on me because of my ridiculous tendencies to procrastinate too much.  I tried looking at Second Draft and saw that editing Opening New Dimensions professionally will take time.  I will have to use Fiverr or something.  But anyway, going back to school is necessary to refresh my English degree knowledge.  English 1A will help my writing all across the board.

But anyway I’m just analyzing my options, seeing as I filed my major at Foothill College to be AA in psychology, so I can have a good background as a life coach.  I have an Udemy account so I can take a life coach class.  Udemy often has many sales on holidays.  They offer accredited means of getting certifications.  The classes are done on video.  Now that school is all online with talk of reopening classes in the classroom by fall semester, we online students have the advantage.  I want a

Yes, so I will start with an online psychology degree, finishing a lot of my general ed along the way. I’ve added De Anza to my FAFSA list of schools I want to apply to.  I want to get a lot of my Premed stuff done in the next ten years, depending on whether or not I successfully publish my books.  I will go from an AA in psychology to an AA in film and television, taking my screenwriting and film classes online and in the classroom since they will have hybrid options.  I want a B.S. in forensic psychology, which I can take from Arizona State University online.

Then while I’m getting that, I will also take classes at De Anza for my film and television AA that I want to transfer to UCLA to get a Masters in Fine Arts in creative writing, with some film classes, and screenwriting/scriptwriting.  I’m also eager to take playwriting. When I’m done with my MFA, that’s when I get my law degree.  It’s been five years since my parents decided to retire in Spain. They are well lout of my hair now.  At De Anza this Winter quarter I want to take the following courses first –


Yes, these classes will help me as an internet researcher. I have to wonder if you have to take them in order.  Back when I was in my twenties and at Foothill I was taking a library science class until the instructor pointed out that I’m a writer, I got a C in library science 1 and I’d be bored.  So off I went to the writing department to change my major.

As far as my writing goes, I plan on submitting my science fiction book to a literary agent, not ones I’ve submitted to before, but I have to submit to at least 5.  I’m also looking for a part-time job using Upwork, and Indeed.  I need to set up my and I have too I think. I’d have to double-check this.  Anyway, yes, these are my plans after talking to my former college counselor.  It was nice talking to her again and I have some idea of what direction I want to head in now.

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