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Lemurian Crystals Help Me For Some Reason

June 12, 2021

I got myself a Lemurian crystal because I hear they’re a kind of library.  I don’t quite understand what kind of library so I’m going to have to do some research.  But somehow, one Lemurian crystal on my third eye really helps the rattling around in my head of the library that resides in there also.  Lemurian crystals are something I was right about using because they retrieve hidden information.  Right… okay, and I just out of nowhere, thought to buy a Lemurian crystal so as to keep the information in my head organized.

Apparently a Lemurian crystal is a wand shape.  Mine was also Reiki charged since I bought it off of Amazon or eBay or something.  I can’t tell the basics on my crystal but it has ladders on it.  It is a rocket-shaped or something. Gosh my ignorance is showing. Hey psychic readers, I need help figuring stuff out like gee, I come from Lemuria, I’m a starseed kind of person, but I came from further than Lemuria. Fun times.

I guess my crystal helps me function in my body although you know what, there are certain people I stay away from because I’m grounded in my present reality quite a bit. My reality is– need to enroll at Foothill to get a third AA degree in psychology, so I can help out my clinic as a peer counselor.  I also need a library science certificate from De Anza.  The websites are confusing to navigate but that’s because I’m petrified of returning to normal school as a treated schizoaffective.

This website:

gets into detail about how Lemurian crystals helped Lemurians keep their physical form. Lemurians used their Quartz crystals for their technology. I just use mine to get a good night’s sleep since the information in my head rattles around. I mean literally, it just floats. I see snatches of choice lines I want to use in my books-I see witty comments.  I see jokes I haven’t told yet and shocking things I haven’t said yet.  If I’m not careful  I’m going to wind up with a huge Lemurian crystal collection in my house. I feel as if I need a big one for the living room but I don’t want it to cause me anxiety.  My current and only crystal causes me major anxiety.  Along with me trying to rein in my manic spending habits by not spending money at all.

I try to sit on it. I try not to spend it.  Combined with this time of year paranoia, life is just peachy.

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