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12 Century England

June 15, 2021

Way back in the 12th century, I was in a different body, I was blonde and white. Past life trauma is as real as present-life trauma, having similar effects on mind and body.  In the 12th century, I was a blond girl living in some British township, a costal region so far as I can tell.  I managed to have a boyfriend during this time, and it was years before bubonic plague would hit.  I cannot verify this story’s accuracy yet but someday I will.  My mother was someone who persecuted me religiously for practicing the old religion as Christianity was expanding its hold on England during this time.  I have no way of confirming these statements, but it is a story as it happened in my mind.

            People from my elementary school and my spiritualist church were in this lifetime with me.  I was learning about Christianity while holding on to the Old Religion.  My mother in that lifetime had me burnt at the stake for heresy, turned a whole town against me, and I died knowing full well the sting of her betrayal.  She had my boyfriend burnt at the stake too.  It was fun for her. I have come to realize my mother has been after me in every lifetime. There is fake peace with her, but not real peace of mind or her telling me good job at something I’ve done.

            I’m never going to get many compliments from my mother either.  I’ve decided that I’m just sticking to myself. Yes, 12th century England had a whole town coming after me because of my religious beliefs.  In my current life, this happened when I left the Catholic Church, deciding to practice witchcraft. It is why I want to start the social network for psychics if only to provide a way to help others access proper help for themselves.  My spiritualist church was marginally safe because of one guy there who had a restraining order expire, which left him free to stalk our leader.

            Come to think of it, the Ex’s family was there in this life time too, and the Ex too. I’m just realizing that my support system should include good people who look out for me.  The major trauma I went through was about groups of people turning away from me.  I now feel safer in groups of people having confronted this trauma in Occupational therapy class at San Jose State. Group persecution is real, it happens on this planet a lot to this day, and it leaves its mark on those who go through it.  It is something loners like me don’t feel comfortable going through, being in groups in the first place.

        12th century England could make a good TV show. I mean I had to endure way too much persecution.  I was burnt at the stake and I uncovered this memory, of coughing in the smoke, passing out, and waking up in the after life. My mother in that life time died of the plague just 10 years later when it hit.  Where was my dad during this lifetime?  He was indifferent.  I’m wondering how to find a functional family or set of friends right now.  Friends who bother to take care of me.  I’m busy processing this information.

            My readers seem to want to read more about psychic stuff than they want to read about my business ideas.  Why is that?  I’m sure that stuff is fascinating but I try to keep this blog to the real world.  Okay, so read more about my business posts since I may wind up a famous psychic with a working name divorced from this identity.  Yes, I just feel like writing stuff under a pen name. I’m just working on stuff I need to get done.  The mask stays on despite COVID restrictions being lifted btw.

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