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Codependency: The Work I need to Keep Doing

December 14, 2019

Taking it easy as much as I can in the present really feels weird because I was a stress addict for so long. It is possible to be addicted to your own stress hormones. Most people who are working stiffs, have no idea how stressed out they are. People pound caffeine into their bodies without thinking about how caffeine could make them high as a kite. Starbucks came into being because alcoholics gave up alcohol but found coffee. I’m codependent when I think, gosh, there is a way to help addicts. I do not need to be with another addict right now much less anybody else.

I can’t do anything to help my family, it is codependent of me to even try. I’m not going to bother with trying to “help” anybody because I’m busy trying to survive on low income by myself. I do my best to survive this crap, as I’m a survivor on many levels. I want to work on my codependency issues. I’m doing the work of reading Melanie Beatty books called “The New Codependency.” As it is, I’ve discovered I like chocolate way too much. I’m in love with chocolate big time.

I have to limit my chocolate because just look at the doorknob picture I use as the picture for this blog for goodness sake. My infusion set did bend when I stuck it into my waist but the trick into making sure it isn’t the metal is, “does it bend back?” If it manages to straighten out, that means it can work. I have to live with my skills as I do not age very much, and will never look my age. Time is relative. Age is relative. I find myself hiding my true age a lot but hey, am that codependent of me?

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