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Ilegal Job Interview Questions

January 21, 2020

The illegal job interview questions we covered in Career Life Planning 71 at Foothill College years ago, includes age. You cannot ask how old someone is when you try to figure out when they graduated high school unless that is obviously on their resume. You cannot ask about an arrest record either. You cannot ask a woman if they can work at specific times of the day because you will uncover whether or not they have children. You are allowed to ask if the person is legally allowed to work in the United States. Candidates who deal with large sums of money need to be asked about convictions. You cannot ask questions about credit, or even if somebody is married or not. It is okay to ask in detail about education, as well as how long you’ve stayed in a specific job. You especially cannot ask questions about pregnancy, or about the candidate’s married name. You cannot ask about race or skin tone, in particular if the candidate is biracial. You cannot ask about religion either, or sexual orientation. When I work the HR division for my social network idea, I’m going to remember what not to ask.

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