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Energy Sabotage

February 20, 2020

My energy went to hell Friday when I came back from getting groceries and saw someone I go out of my way to avoid. She sat in her car without saying hello to me. Then I think wow, minions are mean to me when someone else tells ’em to be. I was feeling Pantheacon energy surrounding me while they were here en mass. The concentration of humans with psychic ability made me feel something as to why they were in the Double Tree hotel. But anyway, I have taken days to recover from this one encounter. It’s just that this person’s energy is so dark. Dark I tell you, and I know when someone has ill will towards me. I felt her ill will. I smiled at her but I have had trouble sleeping since I saw her. It is not just, I feel the energy of Pantheacon floating around, its, wow, somebody startled me and I had to avoid her.

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