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Why Certain Stones Are Great for Alertness Compared to Caffeine or Chocolate

May 15, 2020

I’ve come to see just how fragile I am, because I have found that red jasper, and carnelian are activating stones. Red jasper helps kundalini energy rise through the chakras, giving physical strength. It’s why I keep it out on my desk, actually. It is a stone of passion that restores energy to your physical body. Red Jasper can also detoxify the blood, although turquoise has a similar effect. Red Jasper balances the base chakra, by restoring a sense of one’s own power. These are stones that bring me energy; carnelian can go so far as to trigger my psychokinesis, since my energy changed the physical appearance and structure of my piece.

Carnelian is said to bring good luck. You are supposed to use carnelian while praying or meditating, but carnelian also works for physical circulation. Carnelian helps with the Second chakra as well as the base chakra. Aventurine clears toxic emotions, and may be why I haven’t found excuses to overwork myself lately. Aventurine activates the heart chakra, and indeed I have found reasons to take a break for myself, as I’m the sort of workaholic who doesn’t take breaks. I should be consciously integrating more breaks into my schedule. Aventurine in water can apparently fight various skin problems, which sounds interesting although there are stones like selenite you can’t put into water.

Aventurine heals my adrenal glands I guess, because overworking causes me stress with that, activating my adrenal responses. The heart chakra controls our sense of self being balanced with the environment. As an activating chakra, I feel more awake around it, it is better than caffeine, and better than chocolate. Lapis lazuli does calm down my schizoaffective-only anxiety problems. Lapis stimulates psychic abilities but I don’t really use it for that since it takes very little to stimulate me in that department.

I have long used hematite to ground myself, because it works. At times, it was one of the few solutions. I didn’t know how harmful my caffeine use was. A website I found with hematite information says to put it on your lower abdomen while lying on the ground, saying that you are “grounded and connected to the earth.” Hematite cleanses the blood, supporting circulation, and creates a sacred healing space. Emotional healing properties include seeing the silver lining in any situation, and it is said to be “safer and more effective than antidepressants,” which I highly doubt considering I use them, since I believe in combining both healing tools.

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