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Heatstroke and 22q

May 26, 2020

Yesterday I wrestled with heatstroke. I step outside to water the plants and that’s what I get. My instinct says don’t go outside, but why do I listen to contrarians? I got major heatstroke because suddenly I was dizzy, feeling nauseated as hell, and then I went back to bed. In fact, I’m recovering from heatstroke today because of the unseasonably warm hot weather. The treatment: drink water, cool cloths, ice packs. Having heatstroke on the end of a menstrual cycle that I wasn’t planning to have, was hard enough yesterday. I spent all day in bed fighting nausea. Then a friend of mine on Facebook mentions that heatstroke is a 22q thing. I had no idea. Just wow. I’m ignorant about my own illness but then that was my family’s plan.

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