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Why I Can’t Have A Muggle Roommate

May 28, 2020

Many people ask me if I need a roommate, and I do, but I would rather that roommate share my religious beliefs, while also not minding the fact I eat meat because I have to. I need my roommate to be a fellow psychic since the next few tests related to Mr. hernia have to be done right now. Although it would be cool to host different kinds of roommates in this house, escaping from domestic violence or otherwise, I have limited energy to hang out, talk to someone and in general do much of anything. I’m trying to maintain my energy levels without caffeine, so I naturally sleep more. But anyway, yes, I can’t eat many different foods I’m normally able to eat, like spicy, which means no Mexican, Thai, or anything with garlic in it in general. Sigh, so I need someone who understands just how ridiculously fragile I am because of my hernia.

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