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Dr. Haha Lung and the Killer B’s

September 1, 2020

My first ever Dr. Haha Lung book was Mind Warrior, Strategies for Total Mental Domination.  The Killer B’s are blind, bribery, blackmail, bloodties, brainwashing, bullying, and bury.  The first B is blind your enemy to your plans, which I’m doing very well by keeping information from various family members, all of whom believe my parent’s narcissistic lies about me, without even asking me.  Oh but wait they are bribed, and blackmailed, since they’re afraid not to take in the bribe of pleasant energy.  They both need mental health treatment that they are not taking.  But whatever, I put this on ignore.  Bloodties are about initiation rites that people in groups hold over your head, with a healthy dose of betrayal and exposure fear.  The brainwashing in my family works by making people afraid of what I might do, when it is really that they should be afraid of who is telling them the lies about me they’ve been told.  Bullying itself is about fear, with a healthy dose of fear of physical violence.  Bury is the final killer B Dr. Lung writes about, being on the topic of a fear of death that most people have, so the brainwashing works by making family fear death or my death that could be preventable so long as they believe the lie. I have a normal IQ damn it, psychosis is a mental state that I was kept in, and that causes the appearance of a low IQ.

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