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Why I Fear Success

June 4, 2020

Research on success phobia, and stress, says that fear of success is an actual phobia. I found an actual reference to fear of success, called Achievemephobia. I recognize myself of fearing success. I fear it, and I avoid it. But then again my family fears me succeeding at anything, so if I do succeed I’m afraid of them falling apart due to not taking medication at all. This article calls fear of success an actual phobia. The article even mentions that some CEOs having a fear of success.

I fear: being unable to handle what I want, so I have a history of underachievement, since that feels comfortable for me. I’m a shy person who is prone to extroversion when manic, so I have to avoid getting manic or overly enthusiastic around people who may trigger me into saying too much about stuff I need to keep secret. My parents pressured me to study a lot though, to study in excess, which is why I am trying not to overwork myself in the present. I have heard people tell me I will not succeed, which lends itself nicely to my fear of success.

My fear of success is something I can ride out though, without spending on eBay when I don’t need to. Success will not drive me to suicide, since I know how to get my head out of my ass on my own. I wouldn’t live by myself without knowing how to do this. I need some hypnotherapy to get over my fear of success. But see, this fear of success is ridiculous sounding though, and I know how it sounds to you, reader. I have to beat this fear in order to get anywhere in my life, period, that is the bottom line.

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