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The Symptoms of Smoke Inhalation

September 3, 2020

In California, we are dealing with the fires still, but they are getting to the point of being more contained thanks to the cons working the fire brigade.  Smoke inhalation is all about coughing from fire smoke in the air, which has forced me to keep my window shut two nights now. Mucus comes in different colors, clear, grey, or black. Shortness of breath signifies injury to your respiratory tract with oxygen delivered to the blood.  Smoke inhalation causes interference with your body’s ability to carry oxygen.  Rapid breathing is a symptom of the body trying to fix the damage done by the smoke. Carbon monoxide exposure causes a headache, so just think about what the firefighters in California are putting up with being around the fires, with chemicals causing irritation in the vocal cords.  The upper airways swell, getting tighter, and also fluids can gather in the upper airway, resulting in a blockage.  Skin changes color, to blue or bright red, with burns creeping up on the skin.  Smoke causes eye irritation, with corneas possibly developing burns, so please think about how hard the firefighters are working. Low oxygen levels cause confusion, fainting or decreased alertness, with soot collecting in the nose and throat, while chest pain results from an irritated respiratory tract, also coming from low oxygen flow in the heat.  Coughing too much can cause chest pain, with heart and lung conditions made worse by smoke inhalation, resulting in chest pains.  The firefighters are trying to put out the fires, which are more contained today than they have been in the last two weeks.  Wildfire season is difficult for those who have been evacuated in California.

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